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Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

Cupping Therapy (Hijama) is a type of alternative medicine. The therapist place cups on the skin of patients to create suction. The manufacturers make the cup from different materials. They include earthenware, bamboo, and glass.This therapy boosts blood circulation. Also, it improves general health.

Understanding Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

  • Cupping Therapy promotes the healing of many illnesses and ailments.
  • It dates back to the ancient Middle East, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures. One of the first mentioning of the practice dated as far back as 1,550 BC in the Ebers Papyrus.
  • In the latest research study, cupping and some other treatments were used in a controlled setting. Results showed cupping improves acne, herpes zoster, cervical spondylosis, and facial paralysis. Probably, future research will throw more light into the true benefits of cupping.

What you experience in Cupping Therapy session?

  • There are different types of cupping therapy. They include dry and wet cupping. In both types of therapy, the therapist places herbs, alcohol, or paper in the cup. Then he sets them on fire. As the fire slowly diminishes in intensity, the therapist places cup upside on the skin. After that, he allows air inside the cup to burn. This generates a vacuum. As a result, it creates suction. This suction will cause the skin to raise and turn red. Because the vessels that carry blood start to expand.
  • The therapist keeps the cups on the patient’s skin between five and ten minutes. Wet cupping is comparable. But the cup is simply left on the skin for about three to five minutes initially. After removing it, the practitioner will cut small incisions on the skin. Suction will begin to draw out droplets of the blood. With this method, it will take around ten days for the appearance of the skin to return to normal.

Can wet Cupping Therapy (hijama) enhance your wellbeing?

  • The ancient Arabic treatment is touted to clean your blood. Also, it lifts your wellbeing. We look at how the deeply rooted procedure really works.
  • You’ve known about the Chinese restorative practice of dry cupping. And also the touted medical advantages related to the treatment. But have you attempted the Islamic mending system of ‘Hijama’ or wet cupping?
  • The well known Islamic medicinal routine goes back to ancient Egyptian civilization. It cleanses your blood and lymphatic flow. By means of controlled, directed draining methods.
  • It could be viable in treating psoriasis, asthma and cervical spondylosis. Other conditions also respond to this treatment very well.
  • While doing cupping pain may occur. But it is very moderate.
  • The cure works by discharging old red cells and toxic materials in the blood. It also flushes out remnants of medicines, nicotine, tar, and lactic and uric acid from the body. As a result, the body and mind get fresh.
  • Finally, we can say that Hijama not only improves physical and mental health, but also the spiritual and moral well being of a person.